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The Girl Wonders

One sixth of the equation...

Kate Jones
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acoustic guitars, american beauty, art, barenaked ladies, billie holiday, billy bragg, candy corn, cheese, children, chinese food, chopsticks, chupa chups, collages, coloured glass, cotton candy, crochet, dale chihuly, death cab for cutie, depeche mode, dido, dogs, drawing, driving, e.e. cummings, eddie izzard, edward scissorhands, elvis costello, erasure, eurythmics, fireflies, fkajason, foster's_home_for_imaginary_friends, franny and zooey, gameboy, georgia, grandaddy, griffin and sabine, group of seven, gustav klimt, halloween, hawflakes, helen fielding, ice cream, iced coffee, independent films, jack o'lanterns, jane siberry, john cusack, katamari damacy, kevin spacey, kissing, knitting, kogepan, lawrence ferlinghetti, lemongrass, light through coloured glass, live, macaroni and cheese, macon, milk, minimalism, mix tapes, monty python, mosaic, mowing the lawn, mushrooms, musk, myself, neil gaiman, nick hornby, nightmare before christmas, nine stories, office supplies, origami, pandora, pansies, patchoulli, peridot, peter murphy, philip glass, pho, photography, pillow fights, pudding, r.e.m., radio free vestibule, rain, ravioli, reading, s'mores, salinger, sex, seymour glass, shrimp, siddhartha, silver, singing, socialism, spinich, steve buscemi, steve martin, strawberries, strawberry milk, sultan's elephant, surrealism, sushi, teppanyaki, the accidental tourist, the bluebells, the cure, the postal service, the razor's edge, the roy clark method, the smiths, the subway, they might be giants, thompson twins, tim burton, tiramisu, tones on tail, toronto, toys, vance, vanilla coke, william butler yeats, writing, wuthering heights, yazoo